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RHYTHMUS 2007    


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Original Music Composed by Alain Middleton  © Alain  Middleton  2009



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Mac OSX  or  Windows RHYTHMUS 2007 Euro
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        First movement               € 2
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05 mn 24


Second movement  € 2
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04 mn 56


Third movement    € 2
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05 mn 32
  All  3 movements  € 5
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15 mn 52
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RHYTHMUS 2007: description

Composed in 2007 by Alain Middleton.

Instruments: Double Bass and two percussionists with, Marimba, Vibraphone Xylophone, 3 Tom tom, Snare, Piccolo drum, Chinese Gong, Suspended cymbal, Guiro, Tubular bells, Glockenspiel.

In three movements.

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