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Original Music Composed by Alain Middleton  © Alain  Middleton  2009




Listening is unlimited and free of charge on the site. Only downloads require payment. You don' t need to register or login to add to the cart, since all payments are processed by Paypal.


The website streams with the plugins Quicktime and Windows Media Player, (WMP) on Mac OSX, Windows XP and Vista, with Internet explorer, Safari or Opera.

You don' t have to do anything, since the plugins are already installed on your computer: Quicktime on a Mac or WMP (WIndows Media Player) on Windows.

In the compositions pages (which you open in the left menu), to listen on Mac OSX: click Mac OSX or Quicktime. To listen on WIndows XP or Vista: click Windows or WMP (Windows Media Payer).

If you know that both plugins Quicktime and WMP are installed on your computer, then select the one you prefer.

Firefox can be unstable with the plugins. It will often work. But In case you have difficulties listening to the music using Firefox, use Internet Explorer or Safari.

If you don't have these 2 navigators, go to myspace where my compositions can be heard:


The payment process is 100 % secured by PayPal. You don' t need to have an account with PayPal. All major credit card are accepted for payment, in most currencies, in 190 countries.

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If you decide to purchase downloads, it is not necessary to register or  login to add to cart and pay. You will be taken directly to Paypal.   Verify  that your cookies are activated, or the cart will not function.


The download process, as for the payment, is very reliable, handled also by a professional service. You are allowed 5 attempts to download, within five days.

Once you have paid, you receive a confirmation mail and will be guided to a link. By clicking on the link you access to your music files to download.

Downloads are immediate after payment.


The files are standard high quality mp3, 192 kbps, with ID3 tags, which can be played by your computer (Windows or OSX) player, or directed to your personal player such as the I.Pod, or any others.

The names of the files contain MNM, for, the title of the composition followed by the mouvement. For example: MNM_Ballad_mvt1.mp3. The complete informations (Copyright, the composer full name Alain Middleton, the name of the label are written in the ID3 tags, and remain the reference of your file.